1. How / Why do Designers upload Products?

Designers can upload a product in less than a minute with our easy to use framework. A short product video should also be uploaded. Nothing sells an idea or a concept better than a video. Upload content only once during wholesale and you and your retailers are done! Factory People pushes product all the way through the pipeline from design - wholesale - marketing - on sale - sold out! We've made it so easy but just incase you still don't have time Factory People offers full service product upload - WE DO IT FOR YOU! Just login to register - click the + top right to manage your account and click on add product & choose Full Service option - Done!

2. How Does Factory People provide Marketing?

Our goal at FP is to connect a currently segmented marketplace into the largest online fashion market providing our members with direct contact to a global consumer base they could not achieve on their own. How do we do it? Social Media is woven directly into our E-commerce platform. Everything that happens in the Factory is shared or posted throughout our members social media sites. Each time a product is uploaded, FP posts to the designers social media accounts, when the product is purchased by a retailer the product is then shared again on their social media sites. Each time the consumer message is simple - save in your closet and share with friends to earn a discount. Once they click and save they will receive notifications letting them know how to buy Pre-Sale, which retailers carry the product and when it goes on sale. When they share with their friends the product is then blasted out again with the same message. Consumers help create a buzz for products and earn incentives as they go with unique Factory incentives they can't get elsewhere.

3. How do I use the Wholesale Ordering System?

Designers and Retailers can use the wholesale ordering and content management system for all their ordering needs. The cms connects designers, retailers and showrooms so everyone has all the information in real time. Track orders from accepted, shipped, returned, invoiced, billed, paid, commissions due etc without sending emails and stay connected. No more line sheets and emails needed when you go automated & mobile. The custom content management system is Included in each members subscription which saves brands and retailers thousands each year.

4. What are the benefit for Retailers?

As soon as retailers place their wholesale orders they can begin selling on Factory People giving them the option to sell out and reorder before goods even hit the floor. Retailers have been taking Pre-Orders in the form of notes and waiting lists for years and now finally have a way to get their products in front of consumers early without waiting on production & shipping. Retailers can see what consumers save into their closets which minimizes their risk and get real time trend information that they can immediately cycle into sales. FP hosts the first ever multi-retialer cart so retailers are easily connected to each product. They are also included in our fashion network directory so consumers can find them by location which also supports brick n mortar shopping. Having this amount of consumer FaceTime is sure to increase sales. It's also important to note that designers build their consumer base yet never share those connections with retailers in a way that translates into sales. For the first time designers can help retailers first hand achieve the sell thru they need.

5. What are the benefits for Consumers?

There are so many unique shopping functions that can only be found at Factory People. For the first time ever consumers can shop along side the retailers buying Pre-Sale products direct before they ship to stores. They get to see the entire range of products rarely seen by the public. They can earn discounts on those products by saving and sharing in their closet with their friends. They can shop by price and see all the retailers that carry each product. They can buy goods first before they sell out. The good stuff always goes quick! When they save a product into their closet they are immediately notified when it goes on sale or changes status giving them first dibs! They can vote for their favorites & connect to designers and retailers to get special vip invites to private flash sales and events. They can use the fashion network to find new designers and retailers and watch their latest fashion shows and more!