Learn the truth about wholesale - The days of linesheets and order forms are gone.  Fashion's new BFF is technology and finding a way to do business faster and more efficiently is the difference between win or loose.  Every brand needs an online wholesale order content managment system to do business in today's market, but which one? Factory People is the only wholesale order management company that can turn your wholesale orders into retail sales. 

Wholesale marketing - Waiting to market your prodcuts at the end of the product cycle after sales, production and shipping is not affective in today's marketplace.  Product photography and designer inspiration videos should be done at the beggining of the product cycle to enchance wholesale and retail business.  By launching a Pre-sale campaign you can get ahead of the market and extend your selling season.  This also allows you to be reactionary to the markeplace and respond to what people like.  Ultimately this will help your Retailers get in the game quicker and experience more success, creating opportunities to add to production for Hot Items. 

Fashion Industry Community - It would be hard to predict the total number of consumers within our market demographic but it has a lot of zeros.  The goal is not to build a community rather to bring the fashion industry together, pluging in an already thriving community by offering incentives and services for our members to post and promote.  Unlike other social media platforms all FP members are visible and available to connect.  Designers and Retailers can immediately mulitply their social media connections by working together to post with a purpose, directing consumers toward the marketplace to build the community.   With each new post, purchase, save, share, buy, etc, the platform continues to do it's job to drive new consumers to the marketplace.   It would be impossible for any single designer or retailer to achieve this large of audience on their own, however it would not be possible without them!