Social Media & E-Commerce Platform - For the first time consumers can buy and promote products on the same platform.  Factory People combines functionality similar to FB, Amazon & Youtube to create a one of a kind shopping network.  The platform is the first of it’s kind and was built exclusively for the fashion industry to power products through the pipeline from wholesale to retail with a click.   FP makes it easy for designers and retailers to do business, while marketing to consumers at the same time with no extra effort.  Consumers don’t just buy brands they build brands.  FP gets products into the hands of consumers quicker with special advantages to buy PRE-SALE products & incentives to promote them. 

Social Media - Finding new ways to promote and increase social media is at the core of all business but turning those connections into sales is Factory People's business.  When designers, retailers and consumers are incentived to share products with the same intention it creates an epidemic.  Designers upload products once during wholesale, schedule their social media postings and they're done.  Each posting directs consumers to the multi-retailer marketplace where they can buy from all their retailers including the designer.  For the first time designers can provide direct marketing to benefit all their retailers and unite their wholesale and retail efforts. Consumers are incentived to share products to receive discounts inspiring their friends to do the same and so on and so on.  Retailer’s watch what’s trending, reduce their risk and place their wholesale orders.   As soon as they order the prodcut is again blasted out to the retailers social media accounts telling consumers to buy.  All of these postings happen automatically upon upload and purchase helping designers and retailers stay ahead of the market. 

E-Commerce  - It should be simple to shop and find the best deals from your favorite designers and retailers, and now it is!  Choose the product you like to see which retailers have that product in stock or available for order.  The MULTI-RETAILER MARKETPLACE allows you sort by price, location and store rating.  You can scroll through all retailers easily at a glance, with information at your fingertips so you can shop with a choice. The inventory management system was built to accommodate wholesale and retail orders.  If there are any changes to the wholesale order the inventory is automatically adjusted so designers and retailers don’t have to spend time on manual updates.   Retailers can start to sell as soon as they place their wholesale orders eliminating months of waiting for production, shipping and photography.  Designers that have stock are also included giving consumers a true arial view of the entire marketplace.   

Closet  - The closet is a shopper’s best friend.  Just save items you like into your closet and get notified as soon as the product goes on sale so you never miss out.    You can share the items in your closet to earn immediate discounts up to $10 off of each product.    Closests are public so you can show off your purchases and items you like and search through stylists and bloggers closets to see what they think is HOT!  Now you can buy Pre-sale products at a discount instead of waiting the entire season for them to go on sale.  The good stuff goes quick, get it first before it's gone!

Fashion Network  - The Fashion Network directory showcases all our members in a unique way so you can sort by name, location or rating.  You can even use the directory to find new stores or brands from other countries across the globe.  Connect with designers and retailers to receive VIP access to flash sales and events.   Your connection activity keeps you up to date on any new happenings with your connections.   Factory People gives designers and retailers access to an exclusive fashion audience and deliver’s the best products, brands and stores straight to the doorstep of our shoppers.